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Why “Mindful Electric”?


Keeping my customer in mind when evaluating their energy needs and staying within their budget is essential to me. Whether it is with the environment, family, or my customers, I pride myself on being aware of the needs of the people and spaces around me. I  simply enjoy being helpful to others in my community.

"We keep YOU in mind!"


"Intuitive, progressive, & efficient"

Here at Mindful Electric, our core values include a commitment to being intuitive, progressive, efficient and most of all, being consciously aware of YOU, our fellow community member. We pride ourselves on providing thoughtful and financially conscious home energy assessments and electrical services. 

About the Owner

I will keep you in mind!

Silvestre Faria was born and raised in Massachusetts and holds a master electrical license in the state. After completing the HVAC program at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, he began his career in the MassSave program where he assessed hundreds of Massachusetts homes and observed the ins and outs of our housing stock through the lens of energy efficiency. He fixed many lights, insulated countless homes, and upgraded innumerable HVAC systems. 
While Silvestre found great success in HVAC, he found his calling when he started working in the electrical field. His passion for environmentalism led him to the solar industry where he discovered that he had a unique interest and aptitude for electrical work. After a few years in the solar industry, Silvestre rounded out his electrical experience with general electrical work. After attaining his Master's Electrical license, he decided to marry his professional talents and passion for energy efficiency to serve his community- Massachusetts homeowners. 
Silvestre lives by simple but honorable values- integrity, honesty, and hard work. He prides himself in being a role model to youth by striving to honor his predecessors on both a personal and professional level. He always puts family first, and views his community as an extension of that family. 

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